The 17 year old student who sacrificed his life for his classmate on the South Korean ferry accident yesterday by giving up his life jacket . He was the president of the high school that was heading on a four day trip to Jeju Island. Today is his birthday. Why do things have to happen like this. Happy birthday and RIP, angel. #jungchawoong #정찰웅 #tooyoung #toosudden #rip

Anonymous: omg, you're Indian? I'm a British Pakistani follower of yours, I didn't realise you enjoyed Bollywood music :OO

yup im singaporean-indian! :) i love bollywood omfg asdfghjkjhg hahahah nice to meet you!! ~

Nakash Aziz, Antara Mitra – Saree Ke Fall Sa


Saree Ke Fall Sa, R… Rajkumar

Antara Mitra and Nakash Aziz

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i did one last time but i’m so lazy to do a new one lol mhmm maybe ill do one after my exams? idk no promises tho!

you could check my blogroll in the meantime! i honestly love all the blogs i follow [x]

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